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Effective weight loss coaching for You – Overcome barriers to health

At Wellness Nutrition Solutions in Fortitude Valley, we offer individual and group sessions for health and nutrition coaching, weight loss, nutrition and diet education, meal plans, recipes and strategies for overcoming challenges to better health. We work with clients across Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Spring Hill, Brisbane, Kangaroo Point, Bowen Hills, Newstead and Teneriffe. Our specialisations include:
  • Eating for health and wellness
  • Nutrition support for poor appetite, underweight and eating difficulties
  • Diabetes and diet
  • Healthy hearts
  • Nutrition and aging well
  • Supermarket shopping tours - learn how you can make healthy choices in the supermarket
  • Cooking demonstrations and workshops - fun workshops to help you enjoy creating healthy meals

Service Types

We specialise in medical nutrition therapy, life stage nutrition and nutrition education. We often combine elements of all fields to provide holistic solutions that work for you.

Life-stage Nutrition

At different life stages, we need different nutrition solutions. Our expertise includes:
  • Over 50 nutrition
  • Single and travel cooking
  • Young adult nutrition

Medical Nutrition Therapy

For medical nutrition therapy, we work with your health care team to provide expert professional nutritionist services. We specialise in diet and nutrition therapy for metabolic conditions and heart health, often related to carbohydrate intolerance and lifestyle excesses. There is also a relationship between metabolic conditions and cardiovascular health. Conditions include:
  • Insulin resistance
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Type II diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High blood sugars
  • Carbohydrate cravings

Other services include:

  • Healthy hearts nutrition - to reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol with diet
  • How to maintain nutrition intake when undergoing other intensive medical treatment, for example chemotherapy and radiation therapy, combination drug therapy for HIV or intensive arthritis programs
  • Weight loss programs with a number of options for diet therapy and meal replacement
  • Recent hospital discharges - advice on moving forward with nutrition

Nutrition Education

We all need to learn more about nutrition. Our professionals specialise in:
  • Supermarket shopping tours - learn how you can make healthy choices in the supermarket
  • Nutrition 101 - especially useful for young adults leaving home and becoming responsible for their own nutrition choices
  • In-home cooking, menu-planning, food hygiene and meal preparation
  • Nutrition in Australia - how things work here, ideal for people new to living in Australia
  • How to balance dietary protein, carbohydrate fat and other nutrients for your body’s needs
We also offer group information sessions on a number of different topics. If you have an area of interest for your group, school or business, chat with our team to set up a tailored group session. 
For more on how we tailor our services call 07 3666 0901.
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